Fake It... To Make It!

Fake Automotive dealers grab viewers’ attention, reinforce negative stereotypes and completely reposition real dealer competitor using reverse psychology in the most powerful and disarming circus for TV, Radio, Digital, Social Media and any media imaginable.

About ten years ago auto dealers were told at twenty group meetings that TV and Radio where dead and to put their marketing dollars into the internet.  Dealers believed it, abandoned branding their name on TV and Radio, opting to spend their marketing dollars on BDC’s, online mining tools, SEO, SEM, Direct Mail, Email Blasts all with zero residual branding value and now nobody but creditors can remember their names.  

Over the same period, Truecar, Carvana, Cars.com, Autotrader and Kelly Bluebook branded their name and websites as trustworthy and strait forward, repositioning the entire dealer network as overpriced, out of touch and dishonest.  How did the dealers respond? With more Rebates, No Down Payment, 100% Credit Approval and sale ends Monday at 6pm! Exactly what the buying service sites accused them of doing. Now most stores can’t move the needle with the tools they are using but can’t abandon the few items that are working no matter how inefficient they may be.  They’re stuck in digital purgatory or worse…. They’re bankrupt!

Dealman has introduced a pathway to start over and win now and never be second again.  Allow us to adapt a new branding position for you that is; Top of mind, straightforward and packs a punch.  Our funny cast of characters will own every commercial break and become water cooler conversation starters…. When was the last time you can honestly say that happened at any dealership after any ad?

This is a turnkey marketing platform designed to last for years.  Max Griede, Conrad Rich, Joey Decarlo, Mr. Bigg and new characters arriving daily will continue to deride, naysay, complain, vent, sue, cheat and lie to make you the only one standing.  Each month Dealman will deliver fresh creative custom designed to fit your market and punch your competitors where it hurts the most!

As an agency creative with over 40 years of Automotive experience working for legendary marketers including Jim Moran, Victor Potamkin, Paul Sansone, Jimmy Coons, Rick Hendrick, Fred Anderson, Bill Heard and many others, I’ve learned how important it is to get viewers’ attention with creative that is integral to the selling proposition….   This approach uses humor to drive home reverse psychology that repositions your competitors.

Mark Warner—Dealman Advertising